Hello Everyone,

The walk at Nose Hill Park was somewhat short lived. There were some very tired Greyt owners who had been out many, many hours looking for one of our lost hounds. Nose Hill Park is not one of our regular haunts, so it was somewhat of a free for all. We all managed to pull through and provide our pups with quality time with their people however.

Our next walk is going to be an out of towner. We are going to head to Cochrane. We will meet at Cochrane Ranche. Typewriter and I checked out the walk and it looks good. There were some large rocks at the start of the path. We just ignored them and went around. There were a couple of very small spots that were a little muddy, but again we bypassed the areas. As long as it is not too wet over the next week, we plan to give this picturesque area a go. Please note the earlier start time. This route is mostly out in the open and can get quite hot, so we will try to beat the heat of the day. Then maybe the hounds and their people can re-convene at the ice cream store as an extra special treat.

We hope to see you there.

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WHEN: Sunday May 20, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.
MAP: Cochrane Ranche map with directions
DURATION: Approximately 50 min.
MISC.: This route is dirt and grass packed. There may be a few muddy spots. There are a couple of spots requiring us to climb a few make shift steps. Bring water. It can get hot in the meadows.
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