What is the Calgary Greyhound Walking Club all about?               

We are a group of Greyhound owners and admirers who get together on a regular basis for some exercise, fun and socialization, while exploring the on-leash parks and walking trails of Calgary, Alberta and surrounding area.

Who can join the Calgary Greyhound Walking Club?

The walking club does not require membership. If you have a Greyhound from any adoption group and beyond, or would just like to meet some of these wonderful dogs up close and personal to learn more about them, you are welcome.

How frequently are the walks scheduled and what time do they start?

During the warmer months of the year, we arrange a walk every second Sunday. We watch the weather closely and time our walks to miss the hottest part of the day. These walks typically start at 10 am or we may schedule an evening walk. During the winter months, we try to schedule a walk on as many Sundays as the weather will allow. These walks typically start at noon or 1 p.m.

Check the "Next Walk" page of the website for current details on our upcoming walks.

How long and difficult are the walks?

The walks are generally 3 to 5 kilometers in length and last an hour at a leisurely pace. We try to choose parks and trails that will appeal to a variety of hounds and humans. We want everyone to enjoy their outing so the majority of the walks are on level terrain. If one of our routes includes hills, stairs or rougher terrain, those will be noted and most often an alternate route is offered in the same park to those who cannot or who choose not to partake in the more challenging hike.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring bags to scoop the poop (it's the law), a leash, water for during or after the walk and depending on the weather, appropriate clothing for your hound (coat and boots) as well as yourself. The wonderful variety of Greyhounds in one place is always a treat so bringing a camera is also a good idea!

Am I able to bring along my other breed of dog?

Your Greyhound's "siblings" are always welcome. You are asked to keep in mind that not all Greyhounds are small animal safe. It is solely the responsibility of each dog owner to keep their pets safe and under control.

What if I am late?

Many of our walks are in open territory or on a fairly straight path...you may spot us. If you miss us, take a walk with your greyhound anyway and we will catch you next time!

How will we know if a walk is canceled due to the weather?

If there are strong winds, heavy rains or the temperature dips below -10 degrees Celsius, the walk will be cancelled. There is a link to "The Weather Network" on this page as well as on our "Next Walk" page. Please refer to that before venturing out. If still unsure, please contact, Beth, Brenda or Nina via the "Contacts" link.

Does the Calgary Greyhound Walking Club do fund raising for any of the adoption groups or causes?

The goal of the Calgary Greyhound Walking Club is solely to organize and enjoy walks with our Greyhounds while taking advantage of the wonderful green spaces available to those of us who reside in Southern Alberta. The club is not used for fundraising purposes for any individuals, groups or organizations.

If I have any other questions, who can I contact?

Just click on the e-mail link located on the left hand bar on all the web pages and send a message.

"Why Greyhounds? It's hard to pin down the exact reasons. I've loved all breeds and all my dogs, but Greys seem to me to be a little cat-like, a little dog-like, a little horse-like and a little human-like. They are very unique and aristocratic hounds who evoke emotions even in strangers we meet. Elegant and gorgeous clowns, who make you laugh and cry, grow wiser and stronger. I can only aspire to be as loving, forgiving and joyous as my Greyhounds."

Susan Zell